Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bi-Parting Hangar Doors at Windsor International Airport, Ontario

SpecDor designed and manufactured the hangar doors for the new maintenance hangar at Windsor International Airport in Ontario.
The hangar has an area of 143,000 square feet and can accommodate two Boeing 737 planes and one Boeing 747 plane at the same time.
the hangar has two openings at either end of the building measuring 225 feet wide by 46 feet tall.  The hangar design allowed for pocket spaces to house the door blades inside the building when the doors are open.  Hence, SpecDor was able to propose a bi-parting northern design configuration.
A tail-fin door was provided at one end of the building.
For more information and to see the hangar door plans, take a look at our article Bi-parting Aircraft Hangar Doors at Windsor International Airport.

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