Friday, March 18, 2011

Bi-Parting Hangar Doors - Southern Design

SpecDor designed, built and installed the hangar doors at the Associated Painters maintenance hangar in Spokane, Washington.

The opening of the building was 180 feet (54.86 metres) wide by 48 feet (14.63 metres) high.  As there was no provision in the building design for door pockets,  there was no space inside the building to store the blades when the doors were open.

SpecDor proposed a bi-parting Southern configuration solution whereby the doors are stacked outside the building.  They were able to provide drawings for an alternative bi-parting Northern configuration solution.  Find out why the Southern design was chosen and the benefits of each design in the article Bi-Parting Hangar Doors for Associated Painters, Spokane

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