Friday, June 25, 2010

Bottom Rolling Sliding Hangar Door Installed - Halifax, NS

Spec-Dor recently designed, manufactured and delivered a bottom rolling sliding hangar door to an installation at Halifax Airport, NS.

The hangar opening was 25m wide and 8m high with adequate side clearance which made it suitable for a bi-parting hangar door design with four blades. Each blade was just over 6 metres wide and was shipped in pieces to be assembled and installed on-site by a local contractor, The Garage Door Store.

Spec-Dor supplied a complete kit including the door sections; the top and bottom rails; the electrical control panel and drive motor, plus the power feed and distribution system.
The installation was completed in record time due to some important hangar door design features:
  • Rigid modular construction – Spec-Dor’s modular design allows door panels to be easily and quickly assembled on-site. No heavy equipment is required to erect a finished door section.
  • Integrated Edge Flashing – the door panels were designed with an integrated 1/4 inch steel edge flashing. This greatly eased the job of installing 26-gauge flashing with professional looking straight edges.
  • Top Guide Centre line Notches – the top guide rail design included a centre line notch which greatly assists lining up the track with the top rails. With the notch as a guide, the track can be placed vertically below the top rails using a laser or even a simple plumb line. 
The contract was signed in September 2009 and the installation was completed in December 2009.

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