Friday, October 25, 2013

Hangar Door - Winterized

Hangar Door - Winterized

Is your hangar door ready for winter?

Just as you would winterize your car, you must routinely service your door before extreme conditions like cold temperatures, ice and snow set in. The same thing goes for hot climates with sand and dust.
Here are some basics.
  1. Weatherstripping visual check - is it worn, ragged or torn? It's kinda like changing your wiper blades. It's a must do every few years! Plus, you'll save big money on heating & cooling costs.
  2. Is your drive system in good shape? Inspect it now with a good once over. It's just like a vehicle 15 point inspection. It never hurts to be proactive.
  3. Upgrade to a dual drive system. Motorize 2 wheels for better traction in icy or wet slippery conditions. It's just like getting a 4-wheel drive for off-roading.
    Spec-Dor Hangar Door in Spokane WA for Associated Painters, Inc. who refinish and paint all types of domestic and international aircraft.
  4. Heated rails - Spokane's weather typically is not considered harsh enough to warrant the extra cost of heated rails, however that year, Spokane suffered the snowiest November on record with 25.7 inches of snow. Luckily, with Spec-Dor’s revolutionary design, the bottom rails can be retro-fitted with sill track heating elements. The integrated pull pits allow the heating cables to be installed and provide easy access for maintenance.
For more information and pictures of the project in Spokane, WA see our article Bi-parting Hangar Doors For Associated Painters, Spokane

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Friday, October 11, 2013

New Video of Winnipeg Hangar Doors

We've added a video to our article on the hangar doors at the Calm Air hangar in Winnipeg, MB .  You can see the doors being assembled and one door being moved into position.  It's very sunny and the sky is clear and blue, but the air temperature is a chilly -25C !

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hangar Doors for Cougar Helicopters, Halifax NS

Cougar Helicopters provide transportation and Search and Rescue services from St. John's Newfoundland and Halifax Nova Scotia.

Spec-Dor designed and manufactured the new multidirectional hangar doors for Cougar Helicopters' hangar at their facility in Halifax, NS.

See the full article, including pictures, video and detailed plans at Hangar Doors for Cougar Helicopters in Halifax, NS .

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hangar Doors for Calm Air in Winnipeg, MB

Spec-Dor designed and manufactured the hangar doors for Calm Air's brand new hangar in Winnipeg, MB.  The bi-parting hangar doors were designed for an opening 150 feet wide by 28 feet tall with a tailfin door measuring 10 feet by 14 feet.

For more information and some pictures taken during the hangar construction, see the full article at Hangar Doors for Calm Air in Winnipeg, MB.  You will also be able to look at the detailed hangar door plans.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slide-To-One-Side Hangar Doors for New Hangar at Region of Waterloo Airport, Ontario

IP Aviation Group had a brand new hangar constructed at the Region of Waterloo International Airport, Ontario in 2012.  SpecDor designed and manufactured the hangar door for the new hangar, to fit an opening of 36.46 metres wide by 8.5 metres tall.

A Slide-to-One-Side hangar door was designed with a Northern configuration. The door consisted of 4 blades of width 9.2 metres.  The installation included bottom rails with rail flashings, superior sealing to minimise heat loss, and heavy duty floor bumpers.
For more information and a look at the detailed plans, see the full article Slide to One Side Hangar Doors for IP Aviation Group in Waterloo, ON

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hangar Doors Retrofit for Air Ambulance Hangar in St-John's, NL

SpecDor designed, manufactured and installed the replacement hangar doors for Hangar 3 at the St-John's International Airport, Newfoundland.
The old doors had no insulation or weather-proofing and were operated manually.

The new doors were designed with many of SpecDor's premium hangar doors features:
  • Superior sealing using brush weather-stripping and heavy-duty air barriers.
  • New rails along with rail flashings:
    • to ensure adequate wheel flange clearance
    • simplify the pouring of concrete
    • provide a smooth surface for the bottom door seal

For more pictures, read the complete article New Hangar doors for Air Ambulance Hangar in St-John's, NL.

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New Video of Windsor Hangar Doors

We've posted a video on YouTube of the hangar door project at Windsor International Airport. The video highlights many of the features of the installation that set SpecDor apart as a manufacturer of premium hangar doors, including :

  • UL approved controls
  • Well integrated motor cells
  • Fully adjustable brush weather-stripping
  • Factory installed floor drains
  • Hardened steel wheels
Check out the article and Windsor Hangar Door video.

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